What is OCD

Anxiety Disorder in which people have recurring uncontrollable thoughts, ideas that make them do something repeatedly.



Obsessive Thoughts


Compulsive Behaviour


My story

I went into depression at the age of 17. I was in 1st year of college. Had a very nice life but at the end of year.I kept on thinking about a a girl of my class. She was not in love but i was in love with her. I  use to think about her all the time, although she was least bothered. This thought became as obsession. I finally realized that I could not get her. The feeling was so strong that I went into depression. This later on changed to phobia and obsessive thoughts.I was under medication for 10 long years.Due to excessive intake of Anafranil drug i also developed Epilepsy and was under medication for another 5 years.

Please Talk and Share your Feelings

I Request all my Visitors, to please talk and share what you feel. If you like my website and want me to continue please do like or share my website with your loved ones. Only with your help , I can be here , otherwise I also have an OCD mind and the purpose for which this website has been created will be lost.  I have fought back and trying to help many like me.

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Varun  Kumar

We all have come a long way and still long way to go........

I am from India,middle class family. Had a history of ups and downs. OCD came in my life like a friend and it is still with me. I consider it a gift rather than curse. I have decided to help millions like me who are feeling weak from Inside. Please support me and help me in the fight against Mental disorder.