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Sorry  for the late update. Dont loose hope . I know it is very hard, fear has crept in all hearts due to virus outbreak. But just like older times, which was much harder than this. When we were all alone facing our obsessive  thoughts, Atleast this time you are not alone and with our families.


There is chaos all over the world but we the people with obsessive thoughts are stronger then this. We were made for times like these. Help the poor and needy people, who are unable to provide food to their childern when everthing is under lockdown.



My Dear OCD  Friends, You all  know about covid -19 Pandemic, I just want to help you at this time of crisis being faced by world all over. Special care is required for friends like me who care suffering from OCD.

Please Talk and Share your Feelings

Life is aleady full of fears , challenges, sorrows, viruses but look at the beutiful side of it. I t is full of happines, friends, family, joy.So my friends covid 19 is another test of our minds, love , relations. I know it is easy to say  but we  with OCD minds have faced all challenges put by life and have came out as winners.Keep the fighting spirit alive. There are millions like us and we are not alone.


Please feel free to Contact me and share your view about my website. I am a normal person like you with abnormal brain. Life has  taught many bitter lessons and sometimes a rage develops within . Why it is me/ why happening to me. But At least i have no remorse. I can look back in the mirror  every day and stare in the eyes of those who said i will fail and fall again. But i will keep coming back and getting up with greater force every time i fall or i get a Knock out from Life 

I am your friend in this fight with OCD and virus outbreak.

Varun  Kumar

We all have come a long way and still long way to go........

I am from India,middle class family. Had a history of ups and downs. OCD came in my life like a friend and it is still with me. I consider it a gift rather than curse. I have decided to help millions like me who are feeling weak from Inside. Please support me and help me in the fight against Mental disorder.