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Why there is no sugar in my life

What you are seeing in background is pink    sugar.

Pink  symoblises sweetness, innocence, romantic, playfulness.

Sorry  no sugar for  OCD sufferers  .  Our life   is not    that   easy. Every website   tells   about medication, counselling, Nobody   tells what it   feels like .   I   started this website to  share thoughts  ,  to speak your heart out   but  no body  speaks here, probably they  are scared to share their thoughts. I have completed my     medications  but this ghost from the past keeps on coming. I want to help you guys overcome  your obsessive thoughts. My   motive   is not to get more   visitors , I want   to help  people like me. I have overcome my   fears , thoughts and its a   never ending process, I just want  to share your burden, help you in times   when your   loved ones leave you, your   friend betrays  you   or they think that you are  crazy or insane.


My story

After 8 years of intense medication, I am still fighting it, i realized later how much it has helped in my life. I am more cautious in doing my work. I check things again and agin and correct my mistakes. Whether its  a bank account number , locking my home. I lost 10 years of my precious life. I lost my career, love but i fought back and still fighting and let me tell you guys whatever Doctors say, OCD/PHOBIA cannot leave you permanently .You must learn to live with it.

Please Talk and Share your Feelings

I Request all my Visitors, to please talk and share what you feel. If you like my website and want me to continue please do like or share my website with your loved ones. I see many people visiting but no body talks sometimes i feel like all my efforts are going in vain.


Please feel free to Contact me and share your view about my website. I am a normal person like you with abnormal brain. Life has  taught many bitter lessons and sometimes a rage develops within . Why it is me/ why happening to me. But At least i have no remorse. I can look back in the mirror  every day and stare in the eyes of those who said i will fail and fall again. But i will keep coming back and getting up with greater force every time i fall or i get a Knock out from Life 

I am to be your friend in this fight. Please join hands with me.

Varun  Kumar

We all have come a long way and still long way to go........

I am from India,middle class family. Had a history of ups and downs. OCD came in my life like a friend and it is still with me. I consider it a gift rather than curse. I have decided to help millions like me who are feeling weak from Inside. Please support me and help me in the fight against Mental disorder.